classic2-black ice
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classic2-black ice
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20121 New Electronic Cigarette classic-black ice

Specification Of Electronic Cigarette classic2-black ice

Model:classic-black ice
Product size:D 11.5mm L 155mm
Weight of the case:25.4g
Each cartridge equals to traditional cigarette:15pcs
Puffs for each cartridge keep:150-200 puffs
Battery capacity:320mAh
Normal working voltage:4.2V-3.3V
Charging voltage:4.3-6V
Charging time:1.5-2 hours
Full battery can keep for:380-400 puffs
Life of battery:600 times charging

2012 New Electronic Cigarette classic2-black ice

Electronic Cigarette classic2-black ice Function description:
1.Power saving function: LED lamp flashes 3 times into the energy saving mode.
2.Smoking function: atomizer starts work the LED lamp lights gradually during smoking and atomizer stops working the LED lamp darks gradually when you stop smoking, LED lamp flashes 2 times come into the energy saving mode when you smoking over the safe time and the atomizer stops woking.
3.Short circuit protection function: the battery output shorted the LED lamp flashes 2 seconds and put out during smoking
4.Low voltage detection function: when the battery voltage is lower than 3.2 V, LED lamp flashes 10 times to warn during smoking.
5.Charging function:LED lamp keeping light in charging until finished it puts out.
6.Charging parameter: charge voltage 4.3 v to 6.0 v and charge current 120 mA

The function of charger
Scewing the electronic cigarette battery in the mini USB charge¡¯s twist joint and then connect with wall charger or mini car charger for charging.

2012 New Electronic Cigarette classic2-black ice

2. Please use the corresponging charger from us.
3. Please pay attention to maintenance:
1)Pease don't pull out the mouthpiece sidelong without rules and you should pull out it vertically , otherwise it is easy to pull out with thimble and cause the silicone Lid of cartridge fall into the atomizer.
2)Please separate the battery and the atomizer to aviod the smoke oil coming into the battery without smoking.
3)Batteries must be kept in dry places, avoid smoke oil and water coming into the cell.

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