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Ultrasonic Level Meter
release date£º2011-7-6
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A¡¢Product Name£ºthe ultrasonic level meter Breaking traditional square style by using unique design language, this new product not only has the character of Industrial Control items but the fashionable fluent outline as well. It sets up a unique, brand-new product image for the enterprise. Its round ball stands for perfect, which symbolizes the reliability of the products. The new design makes the interface with 25 degree of visual angle instead of Horizontal. Such interface gives users comfortable monitoring and operation. Its broad LCD shows Chinese menu with which users can adjust and use the product more easily. Adjustable background light makes it not difficult any longer in the sombre and dark situation. The orientation of the back terminal is declined instead of horizontal. This kind of design makes the products more waterproof. The unique colour-matching gives products more beautiful outlooking and make it more striking in the comprehesive surroundings. This ingenious design reduces the development cost greatly and its consummate technology skill brings ¡°three proofs¡±(waterproof, explosion-proof and quakeproof) which reaches the standard of IP66.

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