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Hemodialysis Instrument
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Photon beauty instrument
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1¡¢Creativity: We gave up this idea of using touching screen to replace the control panel, and using the rotational damping apparatus to solve the adjusting demand, and give more creativity for the products.
2¡¢Appreciation of beauty: This design is between medical equipments and facial apparatus, using flowing shape and gray color to made the product become more graceful and beautiful. Unsymmetrical and shapely form can strengthen the purposes of the products (to create the beauty).
3¡¢Engineering mechanics and interaction: The surface of shaft is very into the whole design style. It gives up very soft, warm and close relationship to user. The large screen and key board design increase the efficiency and comfortable experience.   4¡¢Function and convenience: The concave outline for the shaft of E-light is very suitable for the whole style. The less area of pedestal just needs less supported area, to enhance efficiency of environmental using.
5¡¢Production efficiency: In the due time of design we also focused on production and cost control. Using vacuum pressure forming combine with injection moulding to reduce the cost but increase the quality of products.

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