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Hemodialysis Instrument
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Microwave Heat Treatment System
release date£º2011-5-25
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1¡¢creativity: The original shape, using style and sense of value is changed completely. It¡¯s focus on patients comfortable and the efficiency to increase creativity of design. Also the source of design enhances the value of products.
Appreciation of beauty: The design of sharp and color comes from the feature of company¡¯s VI. In the design work of these two products, we used PI device to direct our work, and represent the style of products range. The control board merge into the whole shape, the round shape become the feature of product, and it fulfill with Orient style and design of details to enhance the sense of technology.
Engineering mechanics and interaction: The editor panel and control board can be operated very convenient and guide the using. The digital screens at each side of body can improve the convenience of operation.  Also patients can be very comfortable with the moving mechanism. To summer up, all of the details focus on patients¡¯ felling, mentality and humanitarianism
Function and convenience:  the microwave scanner can be moved very flexible, so the operation can be very convenient. The fine tuning scanner can help doctor to enhance the efficiency of treatment and let it be more exact.

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