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E Cigarette is Overtaking Regular Cigarette in Terms of Popularity
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 An e cigarette is a device which tastes and looks just like a regular cigarette but in reality it is poles apart from its predecessor. A major difference between both products is the lack of tobacco content in an electronic cigarette. On the other hand, a regular cigarette has ample quantities of tobacco in it. The second major difference between the two is the lack of smoke in an e cig. On the other hand, a traditional tobacco filled cigarette is known to emit clouds of poisonous gasses when it is lit. Nonetheless, despite not containing tobacco and being relatively smokeless in nature, an e cigarette manages to deliver the much needed ¡°nicotine hit¡± to smoking enthusiasts at all times.

In a recent survey, it was revealed that in the coming years, an electric cigarette would prove to be more praiseworthy and popular as compared to the traditional cigarettes. With over 1 billion smokers in the world today, this news comes across as a pat on the back for these smokeless devices, which are fast gaining popularity with each passing day. While there are several reasons why even die hard chain smokers prefer to smoke e cigarettes to regular cigarettes, the main reason behind the phenomenal success of these smokeless devices is the lack of health complications attached to them. While a regular cigarette is sure to cause chronic ailments including cancer, cardiac arrests and respiratory disorders, an e cig is free from such problems.

Another reason, as cited by researchers for the growing popularity of electric cigarettes, is the affordable pricing which these devices enjoy. While making a price comparison between the two, it is clearly visible that an e cig costs one third the price of a regular cigarette. In simple words, while a month¡¯s supply of regular cigarettes may cost $300; a month¡¯s supply of electronic cigarettes would cost approximately $100 or even less, depending totally on the consumption levels. Henceforth, when it comes to pricing, then undoubtedly the e cigarette scores over regular cigarettes and is undoubtedly preferred by the budget conscious smoker.

Last but not the least, another reason why electric cigarettes are speedily surpassing regular cigarettes in terms of popularity is the lack of legal restrictions applicable to this device. Apparently, e cigarettes can be smoked freely in public places, whereas regular cigarettes are mostly prohibited to be smoked in public places. This undoubtedly permits smokers to fulfill their urge to smoke in a smooth and flawless fashion, thereby providing them the liberty to smoke anywhere and at anytime.

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