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Celebrities Smoke Electronic Cigarettes, Set Healthy Example for Fans
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Several celebrities from the Hollywood like Paris Hilton, Kate Moss Leonardo Dicaprio, Kevin Federline, Entourage¡¯s Kevin Connolly, Johnny Depp, former baseball star Jose Conseco, Katherine Heigl, Britney Spears, famous musician Tom Petty, Danny Bonaduce, Jose Canseco, Twilight¡¯s Nikki Reed, American Idol¡¯s Ryan Seacrest and Lindsay Lohan have been recently spotted smoking electronic cigarettes or speaking highly of the benefits of an e cigarette. All of them unanimously agree on the benefits of using e cigarettes instead of traditional tobacco cigarettes and thus come across as health-conscious individuals to the world around.

Some of the celebrities belonging to the electronic cigarette smoking community even admitted that they have experienced an overall wellness and health boost post embracing these. Most of them are happy that electronic smoking devices save them from the harmful effects of tobacco smoking and enable them to maintain optimal levels of fitness, beauty and well-being., a popular electronic cigarettes review website points out at another aspect that boosts electronic smoking habits in celebrities- ¡°The celebrities have to look good and stay fit at all times. Since the traditional cigarettes have a tendency to steadily eat up on their health, electronic smoking devices prove to be their saviors as they entail 100% safe usage and have no ill-effects on the health.¡±

The popularity of electronic smoking devices has certainly grown multifold with the celebrities from Hollywood making the healthy move in their favor.

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