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Hemodialysis Instrument
IASO company firstly put forward the concept of "health care home appliance", which aims at promoting personal monitoring medical devices. IASO puts out innovative home appliance medical devices, which changes the problem of "cold and dry appearances, dehumanizing operation, high price" of old medical devices.
Since European, American and many other countries published Laws and regulations of smoking in public places from 21st, and also people beginning pay more attention to their health problems and other practical problems, which prompting the creation of electronic cigarette. IASO's own brand GAMUCCI electronic cigarettes, which designs for European and American high-end markets, the main target population is the people who cannot give up smoking because of work and living habits, and also requires higher quality life, and promotes low carbon green life. In view of technology accumulation and market demands of IASO in medical fields, as well as social responsibility of environmental health, GAMUCCI electronic cigarettes emerged consequentially in 2007 and successfully landed in the markets of Europe and America.
Mother baby products are professional health care products, which design for pregnant woman and 0-1 years old baby. According to the special requirements, IASO always responsibly provides safe and good products to mothers and babies.
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