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IASO, a company which grows together with the Chinese medical appliance industry, always regards supplying the customer service of spirit wholeheartedly as the top priority. Service supplying is one of the company's strategic development goals, and it becomes the primary content of the company's core values. IASO supplies a variety of services including telephone, Internet, face to face service, and provides customers all-round service combined with the pre-sale, selling and post-sale service.

Professional engineer team.
IASO's front-line service engineers will be strictly trained and get assessment, and IASO will make arrangement and verified. The professional service team and engineer authentication system is a strong support to the IASO service system. These engineers who are authenticated will provide customers with professional, standardized, and compatible service.

Fast and efficient spare supplying will ensure that the customerí»s demand will be realized timely, which is the powerful guarantee for resolving the clientí»s needs.
Base on the high-efficiency spare management information system network, the spare management is extended to the terminal of process, through efficient logistics system, becomes a security of fitting te problem quickly.

Advanced technical support.
Advanced technical support is also a must for speedy resolution of customerí»s problem. IASO sets up a technical support team by themselves, under the stable and powerful technical support, the problems from the customers are handled in high speed. Once the customer contacts us, the efficient and accurate solutions to problems will be ensured to effectively improve the customer satisfaction. With the strong service capability, we make customers experience a practical, caring, professional and concerned service. 
IASO service will, on the base of customer-orientation, constantly update the service models to meet usersí» personalized demand, ensure the service quality, and continually bring better services to the user with more value-added services.

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