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    IASO(UK) TECHNOLOGY LTD,was established in 2004,which is a famous and professional manufacture of  medical apparatus  around the world, and also is the leader in electronic cigarette industry.

    IASO firstly put forward the concept of ¡°health care home appliance¡±, which aims at promoting personal monitoring medical devices.
We puts out innovative home appliance medical devices, which changes the problem of ¡°cold and dry appearances, dehumanizing operation, high price¡± of old medical devices.

    2007,IASO opened up a significant medical electronic cigarette time with our extensive experience and the cutting-edge technology in medical industry, and our products also received a lot of the admiration in European and American markets. And then we upgrade the product¡¯s core technology, expanding product categories, further consolidate IASO¡¯S leader position in electronic cigarette industry.

    Our team is composed of the famous experts from home and overseas. We obedience to the concept of ¡°technology first¡±, and constantly invested a lot in R&D of life science and environment protect, and formed a complete industrial line integrated with research, development, production, sales, service, etc..


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